Our veterinarians use regenerative laser therapy at Stillwater Equine Veterinary Clinic as a non-invasive treatment for painful inflammatory conditions seen in horses.

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Reducing Your Horse's Pain

Regenerative laser therapy (RLT) is an innovative laser treatment for horses that has grown in popularity recently as veterinarians have discovered its usefulness in helping horses recover from injury and help solve their lameness issues.

At Stillwater Equine Veterinary Clinic, we treat every horse with high-quality care, and we are proud to provide the most innovative treatment options possible. We use RLT on horses that are injured or showing signs of lameness because we have seen greatly improved outcomes with our patients as well as fewer incidents of injury recurrence.

A wide variety of conditions that horses suffer from can be improved with equine laser therapy. These include joint and muscle pain, muscle spasms, and the symptoms of arthritis.

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What Are RLT Lasers?

RLT lasers accelerate healing while reducing pain, inflammation, loss of mobility, and lameness.

The short, high-energy light pulses from RLT lasers penetrate deep into tissues, creating a photo-acoustic wave that spreads into deeper tissues. These waves interact with the cells in soft tissues and stimulate the release of growth factors that are not released naturally. This has been shown to regenerate tissue, realign fibers, reduce scar tissue, and provide comfort to horses.

Regenerative Laser Therapy Treatment Process

Your veterinarian can use RLT to help heal your horse's pain or injury after your companion has sustained trauma. Treatment can vary from patient to patient, however, this is what you can typically expect:

A handheld laser wand is moved back and forth over the injured part of your horse's body. This will cause a warm, pleasant feeling in the area being treated. Your horse will likely find this enjoyable and relaxing.

RLT sessions at our veterinary hospital generally last about 20 minutes. The number and frequency of these treatments will depend on your horse's specific healthcare needs. 

The Benefits of Regenerative Laser Therapy

Veterinary regenerative laser therapy offers a wide range of benefits to your horse, including:

  • Repair and remodeling of ligament and tendon lesions
  • Reduction of scar tissue within and around tendons
  • Normalization of muscle fibers and function
  • Anti-Inflammatory properties
  • Collagen production
  • Cell proliferation

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