Our Stillwater vets are proud to offer equine regenerative therapy techniques to aid in our patients' healing, Including PRP and IRAP.

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Restore Soundness with Regenerative Therapy

Our team at Stillwater Equine Veterinary Clinic offers numerous equine therapeutic treatments designed to help manage pain, speed healing, and reduce inflammation and scar tissue that may impede recovery. 

Your horse's joint or tendon injuries, inflammation, arthritis, and other health conditions can be improved with regenerative therapy.

Whether it's administering orthobiotics for musculoskeletal disorders or another treatment option, we are here to help your horse get back to performing at its best.

Equine Regenerative Medicine & Therapy | Stillwater Vets

Equine Therapeutic Services

Our equine therapeutic services aid in pain management and healing for numerous health conditions in horses. 

Health Issues That Equine Therapies Can Address

Regenerative therapy from our equine vets can be an excellent option for horses suffering from:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders and back pain
  • Joint diseases and injuries
  • Lameness

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