We understand that it is not always convenient or possible to transport your horse to our hospital. Our Stillwater veterinarians have fully equipped vehicles to provide mobile services.

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Bringing Equine Veterinary Care To You

Our veterinarians travel with a fully stocked truck to provide routine veterinary care, as well as diagnose and treat medical issues right on your farm. Whether you need your horse's vaccinations updated or a dental checkup, wound repairs, radiographs, or a lameness exam, our ambulatory horse services are equipped to work at your location.

We offer 24/7 mobile emergency services through our on-call doctors and technicians. If your horse needs life-saving care at any hour of the day, we are ready.

Our Service Area

Our practice area extends from Stacy, MN to Hastings, MN and east into Wisconsin as far as Baldwin, WI. Typically, our appointments are less than an hour's drive from the clinic. We do make scheduled appointments outside of this area based on the doctor's discretion. We don't typically service emergencies outside of this area.

Mobile Equine Services | Veterinarian in Stillwater

Mobile Veterinary Care That We Offer

Some treatments and diagnostics may only be feasible in appropriate facilities. For example, we require an indoor space with solid flooring out of the wind and weather to perform joint injections, or if the barn is not heated we can't perform a gastroscope if it is less than 30 degrees outside. If you have any questions about whether your facility will be adequate for the desired procedure, please don't hesitate to call and ask.

Standing Surgery

  • Castration
  • Eye Enucleations
  • Mass Removal
  • Wound Repair

Core Care

  • Vaccinations
  • Coggins Testing
  • Dentistry


  • Lameness Exams with Joint and Nerve Blocks
  • Radiographs and Ultrasound
  • Joint Injections
  • Portable Endoscopy and Gastroscopy
  • Breeding and Reproductive Services*

*We do offer on-the-farm breeding as well with shipped cooled semen only. Any frozen semen mares need to come to the clinic for more intensive monitoring. We will perform IgG testing on foals on the farm and run plasma on the farm as well. Every truck has an SAA reader.

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