Routine checkups, along with all other forms of preventive wellness for horses, can go a long way toward keeping your horse healthy.

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Routine Equine Veterinary Care

General medicine includes everything from annual physical examinations and parasite control to dental exams and diagnostics.

Nutrition is another crucial aspect of a wellness care and encompasses balancing your horse’s dietary needs for roughage and concentrates. No matter what life stage your horse is in or its activity level, our veterinarians can provide a feeding program that is right for your horse's needs. Managing your horse’s nutrition is critical to all aspects of maintenance and performance, and aids in the prevention of many diseases.

Finally, remember that your horse's annual and bi-annual dental exams are a very important part of a wellness plan. A horse’s teeth affect proper chewing, digestion, nutrient absorption, and can even influence performance.

Equine Routine Wellness Exams, Stillwater Vets

Vaccinations & Deworming

Protect your horse from a range of serious conditions with routine vaccinations and deworming treatments.

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Equine Dental Care

Maintaining your horse's teeth is an important aspect of their general health care. Horses' teeth continue to erupt throughout their life and can lead to issues without proper care.

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Health Certificates & Coggins

The Coggins test screens for EIA. A negative test within twelve months is required for interstate transport. We recommend annual testing for all horses.

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